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About Us

The Edmonton Columbians (EC) Track and Field Club has been a part of Edmonton since 1978.  The club was dormant for a number of years and was reactivated in fall of 2011. 



Our Track and Field Club maintains a very high standard of team work and competition representing individuals coming together as one tight knit group to work together, while encouraging each other to achieve personal bests.


  • To encourage participation in track and field events by its members.

  • To strive toward recognized standards in track and field.

  • To promote good sportsmanship among competitors.

  • To strive to achieve a high calibre of performance.

  • To provide recreation for the members and promote and afford opportunities for friendly and social activities.

  • To promote and encourage amateur track and field games.

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Membership is available to those 7 years and older.  All members must be approved by the coaches.  Age exceptions may be made with approval of the coaches and board of directors.



All athletes must complete an online registration form and either submit payment or a payment plan, before being considered a member. You will not be entered into meets until this is completed.  All athletes must have a current Athletics Alberta Membership.  The membership can be acquired online at  There is a separate fee for this membership.


Full Year: $800.00

Indoor Season (September-April): $600.00

Outdoor Season (May-July): $400.00

Non-Competitive Full Year (Training only): $500.00 (no meet fees covered)

Post Secondary Full Year (Post secondary institution pays Kinsmen Track and Field Rental Fees): $500

Fitness (May-July): $100/calendar month (no meet fees covered)

ALL athletes in all categories must have a current Athletics Alberta Membership as noted above.  The cost for full year AA membership is dependent on the age group and can range from $60-$105. Be sure to put the Edmonton Columbians as the affiliate club, otherwise, the fee will be $130 for an unattached athlete.

Age Categories


based on age as of December 31 of current year:

U10: Ages 8 and 9

U12: Ages 10 and 11

U14: Ages 12 and 13

U16: Ages 14 and 15

U18: Ages 16 and 17

U20: Ages 18 and 19

Open: Ages 20+

Masters: Ages 35+



Members must wear an Edmonton Columbians singlet during competitions.  Singlet costs is $45.  Please contact our Apparel Coordinator for details.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer: (please include athlete name and purpose of payment). 


Members are responsible to check the website regularly at for training information.  Days and times of training are determined between the athlete/parent and coach.



Meet entry and events will be decided with the coach and athlete/parent.  Coach Blain Clouthier oversees event entries at the track on training days for the U16+. Entries for the U10-U14 athletes can be submitted to Do not contact the meet registrar directly as all entries must be approved by the coach.  Scratches need to occur prior to the scratch deadline or there may be an extra cost to the athlete.   Late entries may not be accepted and/or extra charges may be charged to the athlete.  Members in good standing only will be entered in meets. (Forms, payment and Athletics Alberta membership included)


Information regarding approved meets will be available from your coaches. Meet fees for approved events will be paid by the club for members in good standing. This includes being up to date on your membership fees, payment of scratch fees owed as well as your volunteer commitments. Parents are responsible for chaperoning (or arranging their own chaperone) for their underage athletes at all out of town events.


Scratch Policy

All meets require an entry fee for each event. If an athlete is entered in a meet and is unable to attend after the 'scratch' date passes, the athlete may be required to pay the entry fees charged to the club for his/her events. If an athlete withdraws from an event while at a meet due to a track related injury and in consultation with the athlete's coach, the club will cover the registration cost of the event.  Fees owing must be paid in full before entering any other meets. 


Board Meetings

Board meetings are held every 2 months.  An Annual General Meeting will be held in October.  Contact the executive via the website if you have issues you would like to bring forward at the meetings. 


Volunteer Commitments/Fundraising

Participation in various fundraising and volunteer activities is required by all members.  The Edmonton Columbians are required to provide volunteers at various track meets to meet commitments for Athletics Alberta and for our own purposes.  Each family will be responsible for three full day volunteer commitments.  Volunteer commitments can include working a casino, coordinator positions and other duties as required. Our volunteers allow us to keep costs down.  We appreciate all the help offered to assist in keeping the club running.


Volunteering on the Board of Directors is deemed to have fulfilled that year’s volunteer commitments.  Board members are encouraged to volunteer at meets and club functions.


If you have questions with regards to the above, please use the Contact Us tab on the website.


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